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Research and Data Analyst

Research and Data Analyst is an in-office position on the staff of the Alabama Commission on the Evaluation of Services. The staff of the Commission conducts analysis, performs evaluations, produces reports, and facilitates discussions among policymakers and program managers in a broad range of policy areas among state government. Through these activities, the Commission seeks to shift the focus from what we do to what we accomplish in state government.

Position Purpose:

This position will be responsible for 1) conducting thorough research into a diverse range of policy areas, 2) performing complex analysis that is necessary for performance, process, and impact evaluations, and 3) developing written reports and data visualizations communicating complex findings to a diverse group of stakeholders.

Minimum Qualifications:
    • A Bachelor’s degree in economics, political science, public administration, public policy, business, or a related social science or business field and two (2) years of professional level experience.
    • A Master’s degree in one of the related social science or business fields may substitute for professional level work experience.
Preferred Qualifications:
    • Experience with research and writing demonstrating an ability to develop, test, and analyze a problem, issue, or topic and clearly and concisely communicate the results.
    • Experience creating data visualizations using software such as Power BI, R, or Tableau.
    • Experience with group facilitation methods to convene large groups and foster collaboration.
    • Experience with public program policies and operations or grant administration.
Description of Regular Tasks:
    • Perform data analysis that furthers the understanding and contributes to the decision-making process (i.e., multivariant regression, modeling, predictive analytics).
    • Ensure successful completion of research and analyses while collaborating with the policy lead and technical working groups on implementation of findings.
    • Design and prepare narrative and tables/charts summarizing methods and results in various forms.
    • Work independently and with team members to identify, obtain, clean, match, and prepare administrative and other secondary data for analysis.
    • Contribute to communication, including, but not limited to, producing reports, and creating dynamic visualizations to display data and communicate findings to the Commission, public, agency leaders, legislators, decision-makers, and the other interested stakeholders.
    • Obtain and implement technical assistance and input from outside subject matter experts and academics to improve the quality of our analyses.
How to Apply:

Email a copy of your resume including email and cell phone number to

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State Intern

Internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students. These positions are part-time, conditional appointments. Interns are not eligible for benefits provided to other state employees such as holidays, retirement, leave, or insurance.

How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to

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“Interning with ACES has been my favorite work experience. In 5 months, I learned more about Alabama’s legislative and executive process than I have throughout my entire college career. Researching interstate and intrastate data, statutes, action plans, and evidence-based implementation strategies has guided my career in improving public welfare.”

Laurey Hood, Spring Intern

‘The internship with ACES has provided me with newfound knowledge and ample learning experiences related to government policies and processes. I can confidently say that the skills and tools I learned during my time here have better prepared me moving forward in life and my career.”

Ashlee Allen, Spring Intern | AUM College of Business 23′