Meet the Commission

Formation of the Commission

In 2019, state policymakers created the Alabama Commission on the Evaluation of Services.¬†The Commission was “created for the purpose¬†of advising the Legislature and the Governor regarding the evaluation of services, which may include evidence-based policymaking, within the state.”

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Commission Members

Legislative Appointments

Senator Arthur Orr | Chair

Term expires June 10, 2023

Senator Linda Coleman-Madison

Term expires June 10, 2022

Representative Rod Scott

Term expires June 9, 2021

Representative Andy Whitt

Term expires June 9, 2022

Representative Rich Wingo

Term expires June 9, 2023

Kirk Fulford, ex officio

Deputy Director of the Legislative Services Agency, Fiscal Division

Gubernatorial Appointments

Liz Filmore | Vice-Chair

Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff

Term expires June 10, 2021

Doryan Carlton

Assistant State Budget Officer

Term expires June 10, 2022

Norris Green

Term expires June 10, 2023

Kathy Sawyer

Term expires June 10, 2022

Daria Story

Assistant State Treasurer

Term expires June 10, 2023

Dave White

Governor's Senior Policy Advisor

Term expires June 10, 2021

Kelly Butler, ex officio

State Finance Director

Commission Staff

Marcus Morgan



(334) 604-1450

Patrick W. Dean

Assistant Director


(334) 604-1454

Amber Bullock

HHS Policy Lead


(334) 604-1456

Philip Siegel

Data and Process Analytics


(334) 604-1457